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April 13, 2007

Update to the Imus story

Well, I loved to bash the guy here on this blog. He got two scathing posts out of me but I'm sorry to report that Don Imus was fired from CBS radio.

Not that I liked the guy, not that he's any less of a maroon. He's still not a New Mexican in my book. It's just that even though I don't like the guy or support his opinions or even listen to his show I believe there is room for all sorts of dissenting opinions. There isn't room for blatant racism, no, but he offered a crusty outdated old guy view of things. Not that he'll be missed. He's of a dying breed of radio guy. I didn't wish him fired and don't feel any gladness at the news. The two week suspension seemed to be enough in my book, but not in the minds of many others and I respect that. I think this is another example of the media grabbing ahold of something like a rabid dog and shaking for all its might. In the middle of all that something is lost, in my opinion. But I can't change the media, I can only change what I choose to read/watch/listen to.

Thus ends quite a long, complicated and controversial career.

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