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December 8, 2009

Oh, here we go again

So the weather has turned a little frosty here in the Bay Area.

And I really do mean frosty, temps dipped into the low 30's overnight (unusual for us). We had some freezing rain and snow as low as 500 feet.

Fer crimeny's sakes, you'd think it was winter or something!

Oh. Nevermind.

Anyhoo, you'll recall in February of this year, I was beset upon by menopausal coworker harpies screeching to me about my lack of a jacket.

This seems to be an *issue* for people. The fact that I don't like to wear jackets.

So it cropped up again yesterday. Less screeching, less menopausal.

It was the kind concern of my husband. He wasn't being a harpy, he was looking out for me, which I appreciate. However...

"Aren't you cold?" he asked.

And then later.

"Really? You aren't cold?"

Well, to be honest, yes, I was a skosh cold. For the aggregate of exactly two minutes we were not in the warm car and not yet inside an often too hot building.

For the remaining twenty-three hours and fifty eight minutes of my day, I was in a climate controlled environment with plenty of heaters to keep me toasty. Actually, way too toasty.

So, what I have here, feeling momentary cold, is but a small problem. The big problem, staying warm, is solved.

I can tolerate being cold for about two minutes. (it's not like I live somewhere where it is SERIOUSLY cold like Canada or Alaska or Switzerland or something!)

I really, truly dislike being inside and dressed too warm and then I have to take layers off and then I'm schlepping around my stuff and worried about leaving a hat or scarf or something somewhere.

I'm forgetful enough with the stuff I do have to carry around, why add to my misery?

I guess I'm the kind of person that will focus on the 98% problem, not the 2% problem.

Or...in this case, two minutes equals .1% of a problem.

So I'm a 99.9% girl, I suppose.

I have no problem with others wearing jackets. I don't ask people wearing a heavy coat on a summer day "aren't you hot?"

I suppose if I'm dumb enough to get caught out without a jacket in a really cold situation...well, then my dad was right when he said (only sometimes, when I misbehaved) that I was too dumb to come in out of a rainstorm.

Then again, have you ever frolicked in a really nice New Mexico summer rainstorm? A bit of heaven, I assure you...

But I digress.....

Oh...and as a final thought...the radio stations last night were all warning about outdoor plants freezing and to take precautions. They talked about going to a garden center to buy plant coverings....

I'm sorry, have these people NOT heard of using your sheets and blankets and garbage bags? Do you *really* need to pay big bucks to buy a plant center approved "plant cover"???

What do I expect from a metropolitan area filled with people who will pay someone $100 to put chains on their car when they go skiing.

I believe if you aren't smart enough to put chains on your car, you shouldn't be driving in snow.

There. I said it.

This, from the girl who isn't smart enough to come in out of the rain.

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