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March 15, 2010

So okay...

I spent a lot of time tonight tweaking and fixing my new template to make it lay out like I wanted. My xml and html skills have shot up quite a bit (yes, I figured it all out myself).

I now have dates on posts. Yay!

I now have older/newer links at the bottom of the page. (oops, I have older/newer in Firefox, not in Safari. Ok, more to work on....)

And I moved tags to the bottom of each post.

Please do tell me if you have any troubles with this template. I've looked at it in Safari and Firefox. Let me know if it looks weird on your browser or something doesn't work.

I was ready to scrap this template until I was able to work out a lot of bugs...so there you have it.

Meanwhile, I'm kind of digging the new look.

By the by, I received reviews on a blog traffic service I use for my blog. Universally, reviewers hated my old template. Hopefully they like the new one. I've gotten great feedback so far!


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