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October 11, 2010

Listless In San Francisco

In searching for something to entice The Muse to put down her bons bons and get off her settee, I like to search around for pages offering help to flagging bloggers.

Just about every page I visit suggests creating posts with lists.

I see it all over: "list posts are very popular!"

  1. Really? With who?

  2. Perhaps the who doesn't matter as much as the what

  3. I'm not sure lists are my thing

  4. Maybe on this one I should go against my own grain

  5. And make a list

  6. A list for the listless

  7. (Yes, I went there)

  8. How about a blog post where the contents ARE the list

  9. No well thought out collection of ideas

  10. No useful reference guide

  11. Just random thoughts

  12. listlitized

  13. Which is so not a word but I don't care

  14. I mean, does it count as a list if it's not

  15. a clean, well organized list?

  16. I think it does

  17. In fact, I think it makes it better

  18. Maybe people will even want to

  19. read to the end

  20. instead of scanning down the list

  21. Which I am totally guilty of doing

  22. Maybe

  23. I should leave

  24. Some blank list items

  25. Just to make it confusing

  26. Or maybe

  27. Lists

  28. Are just too darn orderly for my disordered mind

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