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July 15, 2009

Dear Canadian Hiring Managers:

It's ok. Unclench. You might like it.

"A telephone survey of 100 senior Canadian executives showed that more than a fifth of executives said a single typo on a resume or cover letter could cost a potential employee a job, while 28 percent said two mistakes would kill their chances."

Wow, really? I'm a hiring manager. I went through a two year period where I was constantly hiring. I've probably looked at over a thousand resumes. All were done to greater and lesser degree. Yes, some were so sloppy it wasn't worth taking a look, but a minor error here or there, especially if it's a common typo, teh for the, for instance, is certainly acceptable.

I agree that job seekers need to put a best foot forward all of the time. I agree with polishing the resume, having someone else read it, making it clean and crisp. This is your sales pitch and you need to get it right.

But for me and for the hiring managers I know, one typo doesn't kill anyone's chances. Unless this is a job for the typing pool where accuracy matters, it's more about the qualities of the person, not their keyboarding skills. I think if that's the view the company takes of minor human error, then who would want to work there anyway?


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