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August 27, 2009

Too. Much. Media.

In the elevator, on the way down to get frozen yogurt, I read on the Captivate headline streaming network tiny tv thingy in the elevator that doctors are starting to worry because younger generations are exposed to a lot of radiation through their lives due to medical scans, thus raising their risks for cancer. (source)

Which made me think about my once a year dental xrays, two MRI's, a chest xray, xrayed suspected broken ankle, and my recent mammogram.

Once fro-yo was obtained (of the boysenberry variety), on the way back up in the elevator, I read that, evidently, my thermostat can make me fat. (Funny, I thought it was all the boysenberry fro-yo with crushed cookies on top).

The doors were opening so I dashed out and didn't get the story.

That's ok. Scared on the way down. Scared on the way up. Makes me want to eat a vat of fro-yo and hide under the bed.

It's too much.

Wasn't it just better when we were blissfully ignorant, eating red meat for lunch with two martinis with a pack of smokes for dessert? Perhaps we weren't as healthy, but we also weren't subjected to fear infused crawl headlines warning of "Fire!" or Swine flu!" or "Pestilence!"

Ignorance might really be bliss.

Sure, the information age has been amazing. But it's been damaging too.

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