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June 29, 2010

Magic Spray - Cures What Ails Ya!

So ok, this year I've been keeping up with the World Cup. It *is* the biggest sporting event in the world.

From the giant vuvuzela to the US team's fairly decent showing. Yes! I'm onboard.

And so of course, I read with fascination a brief Yahoo Sports Blog entry about this elixir known as Magic Spray.

Especially the bit about "...no matter what part of the body the player is clutching in anguish, the attending doctor pulls out an anonymous looking spray can and gives the player a liberal dousing of white mist."

Hmm. Magical mist, eh? Do tell.

"Sometimes it works like spinach for Popeye, sometimes it only serves as a stopgap until the stretcher arrives..."

Ok. I'm in. Where do I get some? I need it. Gotta have it. Yup.

Magical mist = want.

Especially if they make in emotional flavor.

Boyfriend makes a cutting remark? Spray, spray, all better!

Yahoolio cuts you off in traffic? Spray, spray. No more mad!

Can't seem to get past the trauma from mommy and daddy grounding you for bad grades? Therapist just leans over, gives you a solid crop dusting, and you're back in the game of life!

I like it. Of course, it *must* come with a crew of trainers and physical and emotional therapists.

I imagine the scene goes something like this:

Boss loses his mind all over you because you whiffed a deadline.

You call, "Time out, time out!!!"

Your team of windsuited trainers comes jogging out, squats down beside your emotionally prone body, "how you doin'" they ask?

You answer, "Not so good."

Spray, spray. You are back up and limping, but you are in the game.

The clock starts, and then you tell your boss, "Hey! If you would bother to prioritize the work, maybe I'd meet your arbitrary deadlines!"


Ya'll picking up what I'm putting down here? Magic. Spray. Magic spray.

Gotta have it!

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