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May 21, 2009

Best NM food related news in a long while.

From Thelma Domenici, etiquette expert for the ABQJournal, from Sunday's edition:

"Dear Thelma: Growing up in a Hispanic family in New Mexico, there were tortillas on the table as part of every meal. My favorite way to eat a meal is to scoop each bite into a piece of tortilla and then eat it. This is a tradition I have grown up with my entire life and it is the best way to eat Mexican food. Frequently I find myself wondering if this is proper etiquette in a restaurant setting, particularly when dining with business associates.

A: The use of a tortilla with Mexican food, especially in New Mexico, is a cultural tradition that you need not leave at the restaurant door. You can feel comfortable and confident in using pieces of tortilla in the way you describe.

However, don't transfer your entire plate into a tortilla to fold up as a burrito, and avoid wiping your plate clean with your tortilla no matter how good the red chile is. "

Good to know that my use of tortilla in eating Mexican food (with gusto) is ok, mannerswise.

Not like I ever worried about it before.....:)

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