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June 15, 2009

Didja ever...

Have a meal so good, you actually missed it when it was gone?

Yesterday, The Good Man and I spent the morning on house clean up. We're still going through boxes and boxes of "combined home" items, getting rid of stuff, repacking, cleaning up storage, all of that.

By lunchtime, I was sweaty, my back hurt, and I was hungry. I had a hankering for a tasty sandwich, and remembered that a local spot, Max's, has a good offering.

I'll spare you all the gory details and cut to the chase. Max's serves up a very, very nice Reuben. I mean the kind with the perfectly toasted rye bread, melty cheese everywhere, tart sauerkraut, delicious salty corned beef and thick thousand island.

Oh yeah, baby!

Served with cucumber salad on the side, TGM and I dove in with gusto. So delicious.

When the feeding frenzy was over, bellies round as we pondered the world around us, the TGM said it, "that was good....I wish I'd eaten slower...I kind of miss it now."

Truth is...today, I still kind of miss that sandwich.

Now that there is the sign of some good eats.

I'm *certain* we both worked hard enough all morning to justify the outrageous calorie consumption...right....?

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