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June 16, 2009

When they let me rule the world

You know, I'm sure those people in power are doin' the best they can, but I think...there could be improvements.

My "to do" list when they hand me the scepter and carte blanche to run the universe.

  1. Butter, heavy cream, sugar, simple carbs of all stripe and marbled red meat will become health foods. Vegetables, fruits, and fiber will be "forbidden" and will make you pale, wan, and cranky.

    On this plan, I will be supermodel skinny.

  2. Supermodels will be made illegal.

  3. Legal disputes will be handled using parenting styles from the 1950's. "Shame on you for punching your brother and shame on YOU for telling." Both parties get a swat on the 'tocks and are sentenced to digging postholes (or digging trench, judge's discretion).

  4. Teachers will make the salaries that current professional athletes make. Professional athletes will make the salaries that current teachers make.

  5. Joe Buck will get a sense of humor. Also Joe Buck and Tim McCarver don't get to call any more games. Ever. Any game. Regardless of sport or level. Ever. And I get to be the one to fire them. On the air. In the most humiliating fashion possible. And then they both have to go dig postholes and string a mile of barbwire fence.

  6. The knobsack at work who uses the Sharpies in the supply room, thus dulling the tip, then slips them back into the stack with the new pens will be *severely* chastised, up to and including termination. This is unacceptable behavior.

  7. The media will be held responsible for what they report. Fear mongering, blowing things out of proportion, and more than one mention of Brangelina (or similar) in a single day will result in severe disciplinary action.

  8. Work weeks will be two days long and weekends will be five days long. And we all get all the holidays off work. Cinco de Mayo? Yup. Yom Kippur? Indeed. Secretary's Day. Of course.

  9. If people need to take a sick day, they can take a sick day. No harm no foul, only support and backup. People are expected to take the time to take care of themselves.

  10. Wars and world disputes will be fought and decided by lining up plastic green army men behind dirt and sand "bunkers" on a playground located in neutral territory. Battle will continue until 1) all army men are lost in the sand, 2) the players are tired and hungry, after which a designated "mom" will make spaghetti for everyone and there will be a sleepover, and/or 3) both sides erupt in giggles and decide instead to play flag football.

  11. "I agree to respect your beliefs if you agree to respect my beliefs" will be the world religion. This will be mandatory.

  12. Anyone who is hungry will be able to eat. Anyone who is broke will be able to find a job. Anyone who is a knobsack will be ostracized until they can figure out how to treat people with respect.

  13. Cancer will be cured. HIV won't exist. Parkinson's will be dunzo. MS, over! Lou Gehrig's gone. COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis, fughtettaboutit. And all other debilitating, unfair and unkind illnesses will be at thing of the past.

  14. Everyone gets a slice of cake, every day. With real buttercream frosting. And anyone who wants a corner piece can have it.

  15. This list will be subject to revision and change, by me, at any time, with no prior notice by the party of the first part, this agreement supercedes all previous agreements, Force Majeure is in effect, caveat emptor, ad hominem, e pluribus unum, carpe diem, and let's all have some fun, ai'ight?

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