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June 9, 2009

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Ok, so today I found myself without a good idea for a blog entry.

Sure, I've been thinking a lot about the NewMexiKen post that said, essentially, that 5% of the active blogs out there have not actually been updated in the past 120 days.

That the vast majority of the time, people tend to start a blog and then abandon it.

So when I started this crazy thing on the suggestion of The Good Man, I made myself promise I'd keep up with it, and if I didn't, I'd shut 'er down.

Now, two years and over 600 posts later, I'm still doin' it. And I'll let you in on a secret...I like it. A lot.

Sometimes I read a post I wrote and I'm *diggin'* it. Of course, the ones I think are rock star posts are the ones that gain zero comments. Such is life.

Those times where I'm in the flow, where I’m making it work...yeah, I feel the passion, sure.

But this week I'm having a failure of ideas. It happens. It will pass. This is something I've learned. Let it go, it will return.

Today, I'm just not in the zone. So searching for inspiration, I decided I would hit a random word generator, take the first word it gave me, and make that the basis for a post.

So I did. (In case you need a random word for yourself, you can grab one here)

The first word I got was passion.

I cringed, I winced, I wanted to go back and grab another word, but then...that would be cheating.


A blog post about passion.

A Google search yielded the expected...couples therapy, some sex toys, and way too many entries about a Mel Gibson movie I never saw (and won't).

So I went over to images, and found the one at the end of this post.

And there you have it. It ties in both passion and blogging.

How tidy. THAT appeals to my OCD!

And that's how you keep that blog passion burning. Boom, baby!

Cartoon found at gapingvoid.com (good stuff, I recommend!)

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