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June 18, 2009

Call me Jade

This morning, I was listening to the radio, and there was random blather about how the son of David Bowie has a new movie coming out. They discussed how the young fellow has changed his birth name, Zoey Bowie, to the more normal Duncan Jones. (for obvious reasons, they say).

Which led to a conversation about David Bowie's real name, David Jones, for those who don't know. He changed it because, at the time, Davy Jones of The Monkees was popular, and so to avoid confusion... (now, in hindsight, could anyone *ever* confuse Davy Jones with David Bowie? I think not.)

Plus, Bowie is a more "sticky" word (as they say in advertising). I mean...you could say, "wow, the music of Jones..." and one might wonder "Quincy? Tom? Norah? Davy?" right? But say Bowie, and you know...ol' Ziggy Stardust himself. (Total aside...for some reason, Ziggy Stardust is one of the top keyword searches in Google that gets people to my blog...because of one random post where I named checked his glam self. So this oughta really bring 'em around!)

So, as I took this all in, I had a thought...you know, those rock star names work!

John Mellencamp? John Cougar!

Curtis Jackson? 50 Cent!

William Bailey? Axl Rose!

Declan McManus? Elvis Costello!

Patricia Andrejewski? Pat Benatar!

The list goes on. More here.

So then all the cogs and gears of my own mind started working overtime (ignore the smoke).

I need a rock star name.

Sure, those two years of (now defunct) guitar lessons might pay off! My rendition of Red River Valley is *flawless* and I can swing an acoustic axe with the best of the third graders.

Truly. My plain jane name needs a makeover.

So what's a normal named soul to do? Why take to the internets, of course!

And find and use a Rock Star Name Generator.

I'll admit, the first suggestion amused me not. Ellyn Carnes? No.

It doesn't have that "I trash hotel rooms" sound I'm looking for.

So I went again, and there it was.

My rock star name.


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